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NFC: Fw: [Updates] Mountaintop Removal Rider Out of Budget Bill? Keep Up The Calls ToCongress!!!

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From: "Suzy McDowell" <smcdowell at amrivers_org>
According to the AP, the Republicans and the White House have reached a
budget deal, and are continuing to negotiate on the remainder of three
omnibus budget bills.

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, was still seeking inclusion of a provision to help
mining companies continue to dump coal wastes into streams in his state -
Byrd's amendment, according to the Associated Press report, was
being omitted from the final bill.

The AP report indicated that the House and Senate may begin voting
on the bills.  The ability of any Senator, including Byrd, to filibuster
bill in order to delay the consideration of a bill and to force inclusion
the rider, makes it of critical importance that enough Senators be
to vote to end debate (called cloture) in order to bring the bills to a

It is nothing short of remarkable that the national and grassroots
communities have galvanized against this rider as they have.  Please make
more effort to contact all of your Senators and Representatives to oppose
inclusion of the mountaintop removal rider in any budget bill, and ask
Senators to vote to end any filibuster by Senator Byrd.

The Congress will adjourn no later than Saturday - every voice counts. 
Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121.  Your efforts have been great!