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Re: NFC: A request for our only tetra

I saw you left me a couple of messages on ICQ.  First time I tried to use it 
and haven't got the hang of it yet.  Sorry, didnt know you weer there.

Texas is still HOT believe it or not.  I went a few days ago to where I was 
going to get you the Mexican Tetras, and the creek was totally dry down to 
the (salamander) conservation area.  Normally the creek above this one spring 
dries up, but the uppermost spring is a several hundred gallon a minute flow 
which feeds a 25 yard riffle then a large pool.  The spring was gone.  The 
spring further down which feeds a large city owned swimming pool which is 
also home for the endangered Barton Springs Salamander was still flowing 
10000 gpm), so I guess everything will work back upstream in time.  Couldn't 
be the first time in history its happened.  I'm going to look some other 
places for you soon.

Yeah, zonatum would be great.  What are the water parametrs?  "Dakota" is 
from Ft Worth, right?  I'll be out of town next week (Cincinnati) but after 
that would be great.

Jack Lehman
"eschew obfuscation"