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Re: NFC: Re: NFC list

My thoughts on this:

Robert should be banned from the NFC lists for... oh, say, six months.
Yes, that sounds good.... Unless... he can find the knights who say "Nee"
and bring me a shrubbery -- not too tall!

Previosuly, we did remove a few of the lists...  And, perhaps its time to
send more to the chopping block.  However, IMO, not all need to be sent to
the block.  The only ones I haven't seen -=any=- activity on in some time
is Cyprinids and Benthic.  NFCBreeders and Sunfish are also minimal
interest, and unless I hear otherwise, may well deserve the chopping block
as well.  NoExotic hasn't seen much use, either, and I'll get to that.  
So, basically, that'd leave us with : NFC, NFC-Digest, NoExotic, and FWL.  
Now, the question is... si this worth doing.

Lets momentarily pause and look at the reasons why all these sublists were

At that time, the lists were high volume and had many messages which most
of us weren't interested in.  So and So was working with this group of
fishes, but I don't like those, I like this one.  There were lots of ads
about trading, and so forth..... So, people with different interests
started wishing they had their own little list.  Welp, they did indeed get
them.... They got used a bit, but, then everything went back to NFC
because... wishing isnt' having. :)
Now, people are wishing everythign was back on one list... Partly because
of low traffic.  Why low traffic?  Its the fall -- we -=always=- have low
traffic in the fall, and into the winter.  Everyone's done collecting --
I've got a foot and ahalf of snow on the ground here (it keeps coming and
going, though!).  Its just part of our natural cycle.  All this begs the
question.... If I shut the other lists down, is everyone gonna beg for
their return come spring?  

Instead, what I propose is: We delete all the sublists save FWL, and
create a "Special Interest" list, where things that are not of general
concern would be discussed.  Basically, it would be the same thing as
condensing all the other lists.  If a topic appeals to a moderate base of
people, but not to the whole list, it would be moved over here.  The list
would be a bit mre open ended, for discussion of anything from "So, what
are you doing with those darters, anyhow?" to "What the heck does pujwI'
HIvlu'chugh quvbe'lu' mean anyhow?"  Nothing overly important would go on
there, and just stuff that doesn't apply to all that big a base of people
-- if you don't care about the topic... unsubscribe for the interim! 

Thoughts on this ?

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On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, robert a rice wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I am considering consolidating  all the email lists. Id like some input
> befor i do. Heres my reasons.
> 1.) Instead of fostering growth it has caused fragmentation.
> 2.) Unique projects like the breeders club, erp, adopt a tank are removed
> from the main list and thus lessened in their exposure.
> 3) I wrongly thought more was better :)
> 4.) We lose a lot of our sence of community with 10 posts a month lists.
> 5.) I like keeping Josh Busy :)
> Robert Rice
> All Men are equal until the point of exertion
>  http://www.nativefish.org