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Re: NFC: aquarium basics site

Just went to the page myself and didn't see what you are talking about.
What misinformation?  Looked pretty straight forward to me and didn't see
them hawking any products.  Solutions were mentioned to problems but....
I'm not a big fan of PS but it is nice to have them available when products
are needed.  What did I miss?  BTW i've kept fish for a long time as well
(going on 40 years)
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> CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
> >
> >  <A HREF="http://www.petsmart.com/articles/article_104.shtml">Water
> > Chemistry: Testing the Waters</A>
> OK, I just went there and read it.
> Anyone who believes that much misinformation deserves exactly what he/she
> gets. It is just loaded with aquarium mythology, and contains little
> factual, useful information. It has *many* outright wrong "facts." Some of
> the "cures" will send you right back to the store to replace the fish you
> killed.
> Every single point was just a lead in to another product you must buy.
> Enough said?
> Wright
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