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NFC: survey reply

What brings you to the lists ?

A:  general info on collecting and keeping

What your favorite lure ?

A:  Whatever is catching fish.  I'd rather collect than hook and line fish 
any more.

Whats your fav recipie ?

A:  Whatever the cook decides on!  Preferably on a grill.  

Whats the most beer you ever drank while pretending to Fish  ?

A:  I'm a cheap drunk.  I don't drink when fishing.  

Ever mis id  a fish so bad you ought to be shot ?

A:  Are you questioning my ID on those 24" darters I catch??!!

Ever get snakebit ?

A:  Not yet.

Ever bite a snake back ?

A:  Not yet.  

Want to improve the list speak up....!!!

A:  I think most lists experience different traffic patterns in posting 
frequency.  I don't have any scientific evidence, but I have noticed most 
lists' volume is weather dependent.  The nicer the weather, the more folks 
are away from their computers. Holidays and the school year also seem to 
effect it.   

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA