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NFC: NFC list sucks ?

Not to nag but the NFC list has is not  fun of late (last 6 months) .
very dry and completly lacking in irreverence and general niceness.

I am sure the same 9 of you who posts along with me would agree that we
would like to hear from the rest of the crew. You guys are important and
well...to be selfish us hard cases would love to hear from some new
members ....SO SPEAK UP !!!

What brings you to the lists ?

What your favorite lure ?

Whats your fav recipie ?

Whats the most beer you ever drank while pretending to Fish  ?

Ever mis id  a fish so bad you ought to be shot ?

Ever get snakebit ?

Ever bite a snake back ?

Want to improve the list speak up....!!!

Ad your own survey and hop onto the I post here list !!!
Robert Rice
All Men are equal until the point of exertion