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NFC: SURVEY Time....

OK its past time for a survey here on the list....I think the lists
should be fun so heres my attempt to make it more pleasant. All winners
are at my discetion I am always right and all lists are for fun...if youd
like to put up a prize  feel free to make your own survey...guesses close
on saturday 5 pm est ....Enjoy and like I said have fun !!!

3 ?'s MULTI LEVEL answer at will

1.) Whats your general age ...ie 30's 40's etc

2) What is your favorite fish related activity..ie fishing , collecting,
dating :) etc...

3) Finally for a Joe Tommellerri Print ( i will pick one winner  at
random from all correct answers gota get all 5 no limit on guesses since
this is for fun...) be specific.....

 name these 7 fish from their common names.

1) Lawyer fish

2) Strawberry bream

3) speckeled cat

4) Stump knocker

5)leopard killie

6)Kansas Cichlid

7) Pygmy livebearer

Robert Rice
All Men are equal until the point of exertion