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Re: NFC: Brine Shrimp...

robert a rice wrote:
> Been hatching out some brine shrimp and was wondering how long until they
> bocome adults and what do folks feed their BS...TIA

About two-three weeks. Not a useful to do exercise for fish food, though,
for the area and other requirements gives too low yield for most purposes.
The final product then has virtually no food value for fish.

Go to www.brineshrimpdirect.com and check their articles on raising them to
see what a pain it is.

I sometimes gut-load bbs that have lost most all their initial nutritional
value by molting (about 6 hours after hatching) by adding some algae to
their water. Emulsified HUFA would be much better, tho. It's sold as
"Selco," I think. The commercial foods are mostly yeast, AFAIK.


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