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NFC: F. notatus breeders

 Thank you for the offer Sajjad, I am breeding the local variety now in
15 gallon community tanks.   The notatus share their tank with several
different darters Etheostoma and Percina and manage to lay a few eggs
every now and then in a floating mop.  They are mostly found about
midmop and on down to the bottom.  I like to keep them in trios with a
few pair of darters and a pair or two of shiners.  They seem to do
pretty well that way.   Of course the eggs are collected and stored in
glass petri dishes until they hatch.  So if you have several tanks you
can spread them around as trios. 

I still look forward to collecting with you. 


->  Does anyone want to breed Fundulus notatus? I anticipate having a
-> few extra breeding size adults available in the Spring (March). These 
-> are from the Fox River in WI.

->  I wish I had the extra tanks to breed them myself but I don't ...

-> Sajjad
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