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Re: NFC: Boiling Gravel - Quick consensus

I reuse old gravel all the time.  I would do nothing except polish it with a
good micron filter like a hot magnum.  If you boiled it, you would wind up
killing all the beneficial bacteria that goes dormant when the gravel dries
up too and then whatever residual organic matter is left would just rot and
you would have assured yourself of some nasty ammonia and nitrite spikes.
your fish will like you better if you don't boil the gravel :)

Stephen DiCerbo wrote:

>    Hello Folks
>    I have been lurking on this list for a few months now, and find it
> great...
>    I have a question to which I need an answer.... quickly
>    It for the Aquarists...    I started a ninety gal tank about a year
> ago in which I keep mostly Centrarchids  and some assorted shiners,
> crawfish, etc., and have experienced much...
>  this August,  upon leaving the house for a couple days, (not accustomed
> to leaving Air conditioning units running),  I was surprised to come
> home to a tank of very poached bass and sunfish....   room air temp was
> above 90* F
>    I disposed of the victims , and repeatedly filled and emptied  the
> tank  to  remove the water....
>   With an upcoming 3 1/2 week  trip, I decided not to re-establish
> anything until after.
>    With the cold weather coming in, I have been in a rush with the
> season to "pick up " something  most substantial beside golden shiners
> for the winter...
>    Today's warmer temps have afforded me an opportunity to get the
> flyrod out, and have procured a small bass, which is waiting  in the
> wings for a new home...
>    here's  the question: The gravel, along with some residual detritus
> and enough water to keep the bottom half of the gravel wet has sat in my
> tank for 2 months....   a couple surviving crawfish are burrowed in the
> back......
>    I was told yesterday  that I should boil all the gravel before
> starting the tank up again,  so to kill any bacteria.
>  I was wondering if, by not 'sterilizing"  the gravel, I might avoid the
> normal  nitrogen spike  that occurs when starting a tank and waiting for
> the proper nitrogen processing bacteria  to establish colonies in the
> under gravel grids.  Last year saw a good share of parasite and the
> likes, mostly anchor worms and ich.... so perhaps some of theses gems
> are lurking in there, too...
>    Do I boil?   what would I risk if I didn't?  Is it at this point ,
> with a basically empty tank, that I should clean completely?  the
> resident bass in waiting can't wait long...
>    any suggestions for proceeding to re-establish at this stage would be
> welcome..
>  TIA
> Stephen
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