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Re: NFC: A request for our only tetra


I've only ever caught one - a 1 inch juvenile which didn't survive the 
transplant.  So don't count on me, but I'm planning a trip back to that 
location soon.  If I get some, I'll let you know.  BTW, my 'location' is 
extremely hard water; over 8.2 pH and 400 ppm hardness.  If I get some, 
you'll need to be ready.  The one I lost failed to make it in the 8.0, 200ppm 
aged tap water I put him into.

In a message dated 10/30/99 7:36:04 PM Central Standard Time, 
sege7 at earthlink_net writes:

> One of the local projects i am working on with a school would like to
>  have a half dozen Astanax mexicanus,  is there someone in Texas that
>  could collect this species and supply about a half dozen?
>  Klaus