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NFC: Fw: Re: Still looking for pupfish....

Robert Rice
It's official all Native Fish are now Y2K compliant check it out at
Some one want to chime in ...This gentelman claims no pup fish are legal

> Hi Guys,
>Looking for legal young or eggs of the the Pupfish group for sale or
>trade....Please no variegatus. Would LOVE the following....
>C. Diabolis
>C. Macularius
>C. Nevadensis and all its subspecies

I have contacted the USF&W several times to ask about the so called
"grandfathered" fish. There is no such thing. It is illegal to possess
of the above fish, period. I work part time for the Forestry Service here
in Southern California and that is how the regulations are worded. It is
possible for a research group, or a state funded refuge with lots of
funding to get a permit, but it is next to impossible as I am sure you
tried. Even if you could possess them it is completely illegal, felony,
transport over state lines, any of the above fish. The fish below I
am not sure of. I have seen many of the C. macularius in the Salton Sea
area, but did not collect any for obvious reasons.

>C. radiousus
>C. tularosa
>C. Bovinus
>Thanks in Advance. All fish will be put in a organized breeding program
>to maintain species integrity.
>Robert Rice
>It's official all Native Fish are now Y2K compliant check it out at
> http://www.nativefish.org
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