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Re: Fw: Re: NFC: Still looking for pupfish....

robert a rice wrote:
> Hi all here is a note from our resident Desert Fishes expert. A progress
> report of sorts on conservation. We will continue to attempt to aquire
> and establish breeding colonies in the Breeders program as a last ditch
> effort to preserve these species.

I'm hardly the resident Desert Fish expert. We have a real one on this list,
I think, in Peter Unmack of UofA. I trust Peter will volunteer corrections
to any of my hobbyist misconceptions here. He spends all his life studying
these guys while I get to do a couple of weekends a year.

I am getting fascinated, again, in the social behaviour and breeding of the
pupfish. I did an article several years ago for the Journal of the American
Killifish Assn. on *Jordanella floridae*. I have a gleam in my eye to do one
on the *Cyprinodons*, particularly the *nevadensis* species, in the near
future. Any tidbits gratefully received, that will help me on that project.



PS. Still looking for some *alvarezi*, too. They are apparently extinct in
the wild. Not sure why they were not on Robert's list. Maybe already in the

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