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NFC: OnLine Auction Final Bid Winners...

Well, It is over !!! The Online Auction was lively at the end and I want to
thank everyone who participated.... Please remember to make checks and Money
Orders payable to the NATIVE FISH CONSERVANCY  and send to me at the address
listed below.... Credit Card payment may be made thru the Online Store at
the NFC webpage www.nativefish.org
Or you may contact Robert Rice by e-mail at  president at nativefish_org  for
additional details about CC payments.... PLEASE REMEMBER .....I must have
your payment by NOVEMBER 10th or your Item(s)  will be sold at the next
auction !!!!!!   Send to:
Charles Anderton
5905 Kimberly Kay Dr.
Fort Worth, Texas  76133
*****************************HIGH BID WINNERS **************************
Item #1
Tom DiCola --$20.00

Item #2
Trent D. Thomas--$35.00

Item #3
Gay Hemsath --$34.00

Item #4
Robert Rice --$30.00

Item #5
Gay Hemsath--$51.00  Boy, I wish I had his job, huh Sajjad?  hehehehe  :O)

Item #6
Bill Pennewell -- $35.00
************************* PLEASE DONT FORGET $8.00 SHIPPING FEE !!!!!
ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL !!!  I hope it has been fun and rewarding for
Charles Anderton
Auction Administrator