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NFC: Fw: EDF_Action_Network alert: Help Save the South Atlantic Sargassum!

To: robertrice at juno_com
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 23:51:57 GMT
Subject: EDF_Action_Network alert: Help Save the South Atlantic
Message-ID: <19991022235157.27447.qmail at an2_arsdigita.com>

You can take action on this alert either on the web or by email.

Here's what this alert is about:

Help Save the South Atlantic Sargassum!

TO: All EDF Southeast Regional Activists
FROM: Douglas N. Rader and Michelle Duval, EDF Ocean Program
DATE: October 22, 1999
SUBJECT: Help Save the South Atlantic Sargassum!

Floating sargassum seaweed serves as the keystone habitat (a 
habitat than an entire ecosystem relies on) for many of the South 
Atlantic's fisheries (dolphin, billfish, jacks, snappers, and 
many others), as well as a critical habitat for sea turtles and 
many other species. The federal South Atlantic Fishery Management 
Council has acted to protect all floating sargassum within its 
jurisdiction, but now the National Marine Fisheries Service 
(NMFS) has stated that it will reject that action and allow the 
sargassum harvest to continue. Your letter can help prevent this 
unconscionable rejection of the fishery management process and 
the environmental damage that will result.

The South Atlantic Council has tried to design the best possible 
approach to protect this important living resource. The National 
Marine Fisheries Service's regional office participated actively 
in this process and, indeed, voted in favor of the council's 
final fishery management plan, which phases out all harvest of 
the floating sargassum. (As an actively but minimally exploited 
species and a "fish" under the law, sargassum is appropriately 
managed through a fishery management plan.) Nonetheless, despite 
their active participation, high-level NMFS officials have 
signaled to the council their intention to reject the plan.

The NMFS's intended action will seriously delay and very likely 
reduce the protection of this critical organism. Please act--
before the October 25 deadline--to register your disappointment 
that the federal government would block the South Atlantic 
Council's carefully considered decision and allow the harvest of 
this critical habitat species to continue. You can use the sample 
letter below or compose your own and send it to the National 
Marine Fisheries Service by following the enclosed instructions.

Thank you for your help in protecting and restoring our critical 
and imperiled fisheries!

PS: If you want more information about this issue please contact 
Michelle_Duval at edf_org Thank you again.


If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this
alert by going to the following URL:


Responding via email to this alert is easy.  Just choose the "reply to
sender" option on your email program, and edit the letter below as you 
wish.  If your email program does not have a "reply to sender" option, 
you can copy and paste the letter below into a new email message and 
mail it to alert-response-147997A2068B940636317C31884 at actionnetwork_org. 

You must include the whole letter in your response starting with 

We STRONGLY encourage you to make edits directly to our sample letter 
below, and put the alert talking points into your own words. An 
individualized letter is worth ten computer generated letters. Of 
course, hundreds of unedited letters will still create a large impact, 
so please reply even if you don't have time to personalize the letter.

Your letter will be addressed and sent to:
Mr. William Hogart


I am writing to urge you in the strongest possible terms to 
accept the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council's plan to 
protect the floating sargassum. A different approach would result 
in an inexcusable delay in protecting this important organism.
I do not believe that managing sargassum as an "essential fish 
habitat" in a way that allows its continued harvest can 
adequately protect either the sargassum or the wide array of 
fishes and protected species that depend on it.

The SAFMC carefully considered all options when drawing up the 
proposed fishery management plan and its phaseout of the 
sargassum's harvest. I support that plan and ask you to move as 
quickly as possible to endorse it and to issue the rules needed 
to enforce it. If you do reject the proposed plan, however, I ask 
that you move expeditiously to approve a phaseout of all harvest 
of the floating sargassum under the essential fish habitat 

Thank you for your consideration.

-------END OF LETTER-------------------------

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