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Re: NFC: Lake restoration

 The idea is to make a lake alive again after the muck farmers,
citrus grows, industries, and urban and suburban polluters have killed
off a lake like what happened to Lake Apopka by various practices begun
 generally during this century.  The gunk islands were not
caused by kudzu or hydrilla.   The fact that they might be used by
invasive species is not a reason for  not building one of them.  The
stability of such islands is something I wonder about too, but you and I
who sit in our suburban meccas doing nothing about lake restoration
aren't really qualified to make that kind of a judgement. As long as
farming practices and pollution favor the formation of vast amounts of
algae which kill off all species of plants and animals, except some
bacteriae, because they choke off sunlight and oxygen, something has to
be done with these dead volumes of silt. Any effort that favors
diversity is a positive thing in my view. Kudzu and Hydrilla are a
different problem and must be  handled   differently.

The idea of conservation is a noble one and an ideal one...unfortunately
bereft with hypocrisy.  Every time a road is built, every time a house is
erected, every time we put in a lawn or garden we are affecting the
diversity of life in some way detrimental.  In truth we are all
contributing negatively to conservation ...what we call conservation is
always done somewhere else...somewhere we must go to ....
yet conservation must start at home if we are ever going to have a
positive effect on our environment instead of contributing to the
homogenization of life.  Enough rambling for now.

->  But, what if the seeds of non-native plants like Hydrilla take
-> hold around these islands? Are these masses of loose material stable?
-> Heck, another Andrew and all the wildlife islands would be strewn all 
-> over the lake again. (I suppose they could plant kudzu on top of 
-> these islands to hold them down ... >;-)  <- that's a devilish wink 
-> )

-> Sajjad