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NFC: RE: Dontcha love garage sales!


Go to the angel plus web site http://www.angelsplus.com/
Then click on catalog
Then click on supplies
Then click on .pH meters

Look at :

	A)	DiST Dissolved Solids Testers: For those with discus and
angels that want to be sure the water is soft. Waterproof. Battery operated
- $48.00 

		DiST WP 1: Range 10-1990 ppm 
		DiST WP 3: Reads in Micro-Siemens 

	1.	Calibration Solution (230 ml) - $7.00 (goes a long way) 

	B)	p2 pH Pen: A necessity for every serious hobbyist. This one
is accurate to 0.1 pH (very important). Waterproof, 1000 hr. Battery life.
Requires only one 7.0 pH buffer solution for calibration. Two buffers can be
used for greater accuracy. $49.75 

	1.	230 ml 7.0 or 4.0 Buffer - $7.00 

2.	4.0 and 7.0 Buffers (30mL) w/screwdriver - $4.50 

3.	Electrode Cleaning Solution for the above testers: 230mL - $9.00 

		The reason most testers lose accuracy is because the
electrodes are not cleaned properly. 

The above ought to get you started


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	I scored some "pocket protector style" pH and Conductivity testers
at a
	garage sale today (no instructions) and I was wondering if any of
you have
	experience with these things.  Any help would be appreciated.

	Ph tester:

	Red case w/ removable black cap to protect the sensor pen clip and
	readout.  On the front it says "Cole Parmer Chicago, IL 60648 Model
	5941-00".  When I remove the cap I can see a glass bulb on one side
and a
	white peg or nub of plastic on the other.  This peg is encrusted
with a
	white precipitate.

	Do I soak this in distilled water or ? to remove the white
crustiness? Will
	it need to be recalibrated? (how?)

	Conductivity tester:

	Blue case w/ removable black cap pen clip and LED readout. On the
front it
	says "3",and "Omega", On the back it says Range 10/ 1990 uS.  When I
	the cap there is a two pronged plastic probe on a metal base on one
	and a round metal disc on the other.

	Can anyone help me?