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Re: Ostracods (was Re: NFC: Moina)

"Hemsath, Gay" wrote:
> Hello Wright
> OK now what are / is Ostracods* ?
> And what are the culturing methods ?

From Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: os·tra·cod
Pronunciation: 'äs-tr&-"käd
Variant(s): also os·tra·code /-"kOd/
Function: noun
Etymology: ultimately from Greek ostrakon
Date: 1865
: any of a subclass (Ostracoda) of very small active mostly freshwater
crustaceans that have the body enclosed in a bivalve
carapace, the body segmentation obscured, the abdomen rudimentary, and only
seven pairs of appendages 


I keep them like daphnia, but they are smaller, rounder, and don't have as
much protruding legs/antennae/etc. They are more opaque than my daphnia
species (I think I may have two). The sub-class is related to the one
containing the *Daphnia* species, tho.

They seem to swim faster, for their size, and lean forward more when moving.
They may have crowded out the daphnia in a couple of my outdoor containers,
or the daphnia may have just crashed (a frequent occurrence with my sloppy
feeding habits). (^_^) The horse trough that was their origin contains no
daphnia, ever.


PS. Should we move this to the live-foods list? ;-)

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