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Ostracods (was Re: NFC: Moina)

Are moina a tropical-only species? I'm getting the impression they don't
make it outdoors in more temperate climates. Why do we only seem to find
them in Fla. and Hawaii?

A friend gave me a starter of *Ostracods* that seem to be doing what I
wanted from *moina*. Considerably far smaller than *Daphnia magna*, they are
almost perfect size for most smaller killies. 

Anyone with experiences with them?


Klaus Schoening wrote:
> If you are in the Tampa Area, contact a member of the Suncoast Killies Club,
> almost all of them have Moina.   Try Harry Specht.
> J.F. Laurent wrote:
> > Someone has asked me if I know of a source of moina cultures.  Who has some
> > to sell or share?
> >
> > John

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