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Re: NFC: Blackworms

robert a rice wrote:
> Actually with postage paid the worms were 10$ a pound.
> half of what my local fish store charges me.
> see for yourself
> http://www.aquaticfoods.com/worms.html

Agreed, Robert, that's a better price than I get at the lfs. Our very
cheapest one here gets about $11/lb, retail, probably then only because they
are closer to Fresno.

The smaller orders are not that competitive IMHO, but I have misgivings
about keeping 10 lb or more until they are used up. I can keep up to 1/2 lb.
(in two of those worm keepers he advertises on the above web page) in the

How are larger amounts kept without excessive losses due to crowding and
oxygen shortage? The bacterial bloom is horrid if the volume of water to
worms is too low, in my experience. Any hints gratefully received.


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