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NFC: Auction Time...

Hi all.... It is time for another NFC Auction....  This auction will contain
lots of really good merchandise as well as some fish ... Up for auction this
time will be a Hagen Trio 3000 power filter, a fluidized bed filter, a
couple of large air pumps, a 75' Python gravel/water changer and numerous
odds and ends. Fish that will be auctoned include, Least Killifish (H.
formosa) Sailfin Mollies (P. latipinna)  Tadpole Madtoms (N. gyrinus)
Pumpkinseed Sunfish (L. gibbosus) Dwarf Crayfish (C.shufeldtii)....
This auction will be to benefit the NFC Breeder's Program and I would like
to encourage everyone to bid early and often for this one time event.....
The NFC Breeder's Program is off to a fairly good start this year and this
auction will only help if everyone gets involved. We have some new Breeders
in the program and I only hope that all of us will appreciate the efforts
that they are making by supporting this auction to the best of their
There will be some minor changes to the bidding and shipping procedures this
time due to the amount of work involved to keep these auctions separate but
I will get into further detail as this auction progresses.... Please set
aside some funds for this worthy cause...
Charles Anderton
Native Fish Conservancy
Auction Administrator