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NFC: Brookfield zoo exhibit

Sounds like a food problem.  To bring out the colors in SRBD you need to
have live plants and feed a varied diet.  Include vegetable fare.  They
should also receive fd ocean plankton, or Mysis at least once a week.
There is no reason for cyprinids to be skinny if they are properly fed. 

->  Other than the spelling, what annoyed me was that the fish seemed
-> unhappy. The bluegill was discolored ... almost uniform yellowish. The
-> bellies of the ?RBD were pale red. Some of the cyprinids had skinny 
-> sides.

You bet but me being here in Cincinnati is kind of limiting...are there
any other NFC members that could help??  Does the Brookfield zoo have a
website?  Are there members in the Chicago area who could volunteer to
help out?  If you get me the name of the Fish Curator or Zoo Curator I
will contact him, but we need someone near there to do the legwork to
make this a viable attractive site...that is if the zoo would even
welcome it.

->  All in all, not bad - but, could be better. Could the NFC help
-> make this exhibit better?