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NFC: Brookfield zoo exhibit

	The Brookfield Zoo (in Chicago) has an exhibit called 'The Swamp'.
One small display is of an Illinois Wetland - a small bluegill, some
red-belly dace, some other cyprinids, a couple of crawdads, some F.
notatus (misspelt noatus), whirlygig beetles and other inverts. All in a
decent stream-edge type exhibit. Some floating Hyacinth and spanish moss
dripping from the overhead branches.

	Other than the spelling, what annoyed me was that the fish seemed
unhappy. The bluegill was discolored ... almost uniform yellowish. The
bellies of the ?RBD were pale red. Some of the cyprinids had skinny sides. 

	All in all, not bad - but, could be better. Could the NFC help
make this exhibit better? 

	Other displays had a huge alligator snapper. The first I had ever
seen. Ugly piece of work. Stuck in a tank about a foot longer than he was. 

	The other fish related display had some huge Crappies, Bluegills,
spotted and shortnose gar and apparently a bowfin. I couldn't spot the
bowfin - would have liked to. I liked this display. The fish seemed fat
and healty. Lots of room to move around and not very over-crowded.

	One tidbit, they use ozone to clean the water. How does this work?
Wouldn't it sanitize the water too?  

	Random ramblings over and out.

Sajjad Lateef       <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
sajjad at acm_org