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Re: NFC: Suggestions needed

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999 15:00:01 -0500 (CDT), mcclurg luke e wrote:

> Hello folks,
>  I will be writing a paper in Ecology this semester and was planning on
> doing it on the effects of dams on Pacific Northwest Salmon populations.
> Does anyone have any recent research material they can recommend?
> Luke McClurg


I did a little electronic research for salmon and dams and came up with the
following journal articles:

Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, "Physiological effects of
collecting and transporting emigrating juvenile chinook salmon past dams on
the Columbia River," v. 117 (May '88), pg 245-61, Maule, Alec G.; Schreck,
Carl B.; Bradford, C. Samuel.

Amicus Journal, "A Damned Shame," v. 19 (Fall '97), pg 7

Fisheries, "Breaching dams is best alternative to recover salmon, says
report," v. 24 no.2 (Feb '99)

Science, "As salmon stage disappearing act, dams may too.," v. 284 no. 541 4
(Apr 23, '99), Lovett, Richard A.

Engineering News-Record (or Engineering Record or ENR), "Dams: Corps pushes
design of temperature control towers to save dwindling chinook salmon run in
Oregon," v. 240 no. 19 (May 11, '99)

Washington Law Review, "SYMPOSIUM ON SALMON RECOVERY - The Role of Rights in
Benefit Cost Methodology: The Example of Salmon and Hydroelectric Dams," v.
74 no. 3 (1999), pg 763, Zerbe Jr, Richard O; Graham, Linda J

Environmental Law, "SYMPOSIUM ON WATER LAW - Saving Snake River Water and
Salmon Simultaneously: The Biological, Economic, and Legal Case for
Breaching the Lower Snake River Dams, Lowering John Day Reservoir, and
Restoring Natural River Flows," v. 28 no. 4 (1998), pg 997, Blumm, Michael
C; Lucas, Laird J; Miller, Don B; Rohlf, Daniel J; Spain, Glen H

ICES Journal of Marine Science, "Comparison of hydroacoustic and net catch
estimates of Pacific salmon smolt (Oncorhynchus spp.) passage at hydro-power
dams in the Columbia River Basin, USA," v. 53 no. 2 (1996), pg 447, Ransom,
B H; Steig, T W; Nealson, P A

Waterpower: conference procedings (?), "Comparison of the Effectiveness of
Surface Flow and Deep Spill for Bypassing Pacific Salmon Smolts
(Oncorhynchus Spp.) at Columbia River Basin Hydropower Dams," v. 1 (1995),
Ransom, B. H.; Steig, T. W.

Lake and Reservoir Management, "Review of Spring and Summer Spill
Effectiveness for Juvenile Salmon and Steelhead at Various Columbia and
Snake River Dams 1983-1992," v. 9 no. 1 (1994), pg 154, Steig, T.W.

The Northwest Environmental Journal, "The Effect of Climate Change on Stream
Environments: The Salmonid Resource of the Columbia River Basin," v. 7 no. 2
(Fall '91), pg. 271-94, Neitzel, D. A.; Scott, M. J.; Shankle, S. A.;
Chatters, J. C.

I don't know if these will have any of the information you're looking for or
not, but I hope they help.  

I am also looking for research on the impact of exotics in Florida. If
anybody knows of any sources, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

Tony Gustafson
DeKalb, IL
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