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NFC: saturday collecting

I went to Bellefontaine and collected in the Upper Mad River near Mad
River Mountain.   Not too far away at Macochee Creek I spent a lot of
time collecting in a very cold clear creek that was loaded with plants
of all types.  Ludwigia , Potamogeton, Najas and Myriophyllum as well as
a few others were present.  One looked amazingly like Hygrophila.
Ninety percent of the fish  I caught were sculpins, Cottus bairdi.   I
caught a number of large Etheostoma caeruleum, rainbow daters, that were
very colorful in the chilly water.   Underneath some vegetation I
collected Brook   Sticklebacks, Culaea inconstans.  Several minnows were
present including the omnipresent chreek chub and blackside dace.  The
objects of my trip, Redside and Southern Red Belly Dace will have to
wait for another time when I am not collecting by myself.