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Re: NFC: headers

I'm using microsoft mail. Yes, I work for CBS, and this is my work addy. I
don't think my MIS guy is going to help me so I can get the right headers on
my email lists ;)  heh heh.  I can't find anything in the software that
allows me to change header options. bummerooski.    Ron
From: nfc
Subject: Re: NFC: headers
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 20:10

Oooh I noticed you are posting from CBS.  Lemme guess... are you using
Lotus Notes?  If so, your mail admin needs to update mail templates on
the server, and then you need to replicate that locally.  Notes is
horrible at handling internet email, especially mailing lists, and you
are describing a symptom of a Lotus Notes sytem that hasn't had the
latest patches applied.

"Anderson, Ron" wrote:
> I have a quick question on how to change the way my headers read out when
> get posts from this list.  As it is now, all that's in the "from" box, is
> "nfc".  Since not alot of people are signing their posts, I'm having a
> of a time figuring out who is writing them.  I checked the commands for
> listserv, and can't find the one for headers, is there one?  On another
> note, I picked up a trio of Lucania goodei a few weeks ago. Very cool
> nice blue in the dorsal, and red in the tail.  Ron


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