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Re: NFC: Some basic research needed

Andrew Dalton wrote:
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> >      I would love to figure out how to grow black worms.  Not maintain
> > them, but actually to get some production for feeding.
> >                                    George    Wilmington, DE
> I used to keep some in a laundry tub with a sponge filter.  I fed them
> banana peels, as suggested in the rec.aquaria FAQs (http://faq.thekrib.com).
> They seemed to be reproducing, but not fast enough for my hungry sculpins,
> so I switched to larger food.

The one solution I know is highly labor-intensive and space consuming. I
didn't and wouldn't do this, but a friend did.

3" fine sand and an airstone in 7 10G tanks. Seed with lots of worms and
keep strong aereation while feeding cheap fish flakes to all tanks as
heavily as possible without clouding too bad.

After a week or so, harvest 1/2 of a tank a day, the second halves the
following week. After 14 days start over harvesting in the first tank again.

Not worth the trouble and use of that many tanks for non-fish purposes,

Order by the pound from someone like CA Blackworms and pay for next-day air
shipment (Express mail?). Cheaper (if your time is worth anything) and you
can raise real fish in those tanks. Stored properly in a refrigerator they
can last a month or more.


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