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NFC: upper green river part deux

I dip-netted the following species in Trace  Creek.
1.  Etheostoma bellum                  Orange fin darter
2.  Etheostoma blennioides           Greenside darter
3.  Etheostoma caeruleum             Rainbow darter
4.  Etheostoma flabellare                Fantail darter
5.  Etheostoma rafenesquei             Kentucky Snubnose darter
6.  Etheostoma zonale                    Banded darter
7.  Percina caprodes                       Logperch
8.  Fundulus catenatus                    Northern studfish
9.  Ambloplites rupestris                 Rock Bass
10. Lepomis megalotis                    Longear sunfish
11. Micropterus sp.                         Bass
12. Noturus sp.                               ID pending
13 Noturus sp.                                ID pending
14. Hypentelium nigricans                Northern Hog Sucker
15. Luxilis ardens                             Rosefin shiner
16. Nocomus effusus                        Redtail Chub
17. Notropis rubellus                         Rosyface shiner
18. Pimephales notatus                     Bluntnose minnow
19. Notropis leuciodus                     Tennessee shiner
20. Luxilis chrysocephalus                 Striped shiner
21. Gambusia affinis                          Damnbusia.......
considered native to Lower Green River drainage but not to the upper.

22. Semotilus atromaculatus               Creek chub

several other minnows I could not ID