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NFC: Re: Some basic research needed

I would add:

What beer/wine/cigar/music/room lighting/etc. best enhance my fish viewing
pleasure.  Determining these things might just take the rest of my life.


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Sometimes I feel I can't wait to retire.  Hey, only 25 years (give or
take) to go!  Why?  Well...

One of the things the aquarium hobby needs is some basic
research on some very controversial, yet very simple to quantify,
issues.  If I had the time and money, here are some projects I
would like to tackle.  I would run controlled experiments to
determine the following:

-Is there any relationship between "stray voltage" and lateral
line/hole in head disease?

-What is REALLY the best substrate to use in planted tanks?

-How effective are the different types of protein skimmers, and how
do you determine whether it is sized appropriately?

How about it guys, what would you add to the list?



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