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NFC: .... boring

From a "lurking-newbie", I can admit to being silent, only because I'm  
learning a lot and am so new to this part of the hobby.  I appreciate all the 
posts.  My first collecting trip this summer ( with Mark Binkley... it was a 
lot of fun and I have a few green darters to remind me of it) would never 
have happened had it not been for the idea put in our heads by Robert, so I'm 
grateful for that. Life gets busy for all of us and trying to keep balance in 
one's life often means that bystanding is necessary, so I'd hate to see the 
list limited. My wife would tell you that the growth in the tank-count in the 
basement's a direct result of the energy that comes out of this and NANFA's 
list, so emphasize the variety.

Tom Payne