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Re: NFC: Thanks for the pickerel!

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> Well, Sajjad, after that I guess you need to restock your tanks :-)

	Nope. The pickerel bruised their snouts on the inside of a bucket.

	This seems a good time for a collecting report. 

Day: Saturday Sept 19th, 8:00 am Location: Oakhill Resort's Lake, off Rt
127, just south of I-80, NE Indiana. 

Lake: Clearwater, still lake. Natural muddy (black-soil i.e. shoe-losing
substrate) bottom with lots of plants (hornwort, lilies, ceratophyllum,
some long stringy stuff which feels like plastic etc.) with bulrushes and
other plants all around the edges. Definitely a pretty lake to look at. A
man-made sandy beach with a "swimming" area i.e. no plants ( = no fish).
We mostly fished on either side of the swimming area where some docks were
laid out. Possibly neutral to mildly hard water (didn't test but the fish
are fine in my mildly hard water).

Lots and lots of sunfish; caught: Bluegills, redear, warmouth, pumpkinseed 
Supposed to have bass. Didn't see any young.  
Grass pickerel including one fine 10" specimen.  
Lake chubs including a pretty 8" adult.  
F. dispar (lots) 
Least darter (lots) 
Iowa darter (some x-large adults) 
Macroinverts (dragonfly larvae, "slimeballs", water skimmers, etc.)

Most of the larger fish were caught near 10'x10' dock area.  

Sajjad Lateef       <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
sajjad at acm_org

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