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NFC: PETA Plans that Failed :)

Top 5 PETA Plans that failed from the PETA home office in WhatsamattaU

1. Throwing red paint on kids soccer teams wearing leather shoes. The
children retaliated by kicking the snott and other body fluids out of
their attackers !

2. Throwing water on children wearing down  filled jackets in the 30
below cold. Angry housewives purse beat them severly

3.  Lynching Ronald Mcdonald. The cheeseburgler put them in jail

4. Attacking college football teams for their use of a pigskin.Peta
members were beaten nearly to death by 300 pound linemen.

5. Burning down hospitals that use cat gut stitching. Upset dogs who
supported cat gut use mauled the PETA attackers.

Robert Rice
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