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NFC: Live Gammarus Anyone?

Went to Cedar Point last weekend and stopped in Castalia Ohio on the way.
Castalia is home of the Blue Hole, a bottomless pit that is full of water -
I've never seen it.  Anyway, there's a cold spring that runs through town
on the surface for a ways.  We happened to stop right next to it and take a
look.  The stream is about 20 foot wide and 2 foot deep.  It has healthy
growths of algae and aquatic mosses.  There seemed to be some kinds of
sedentary invertebrates that I did not recognize.  The most striking thing
about the creek, though, was the apparent absence of fishes and the
incredible abundance of Gammarus shrimps or scuds.  They were everywhere!
Some were pretty big, maybe 25 to 30 mm.  So I'm thinking, Hey!  Live fish
food!  Haven't been back to try any out yet. Just need an excuse.  :)

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net