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NFC: Collecting by fly

Well, to those few who were doubtful, last week I took my fly rod down to a 
suspected Rio Grande Cichlid hideout near downtown Houston, a sink tip 
line, a 4x tippet, and a small, barbless ghost shrimp imitation got me a 
dozen 4" Cichlids in about an hour.  Got a few greenies and redbreast 
sunfish as well, but they weren't the primary target.

I also brought the cast net as I suspected big plecos to be resident as 
well.  I was right.  An 8" fellow with character now inhabits my aquarium.  I 
say with character since he shows signs of winning a fight against a gar.  
Not many fish of his size can say such a thing, still, it cost him a nasty 
gash and a pelvic fin.   I don't know whether he'll survive those injuries long 
term, but he's done ok for a week now, and is apparently eating.   Also 
caught a blue tilapi in the net, about 10", real pretty fish, but its on the 
"must kill" list from Texas Parks and Wildlife, so he's now fish food.  I also 
catch a lot of bluegill, greenies, and surpisingly American Flagfish with the 
castnet.  [along with the hordes of mullet and shad]

Richard Walker
Houston, TX