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NFC: NFC Projects/regionalization.

Hello all,

Big day today for the NFC.

First the florida freshwater fisheries department agreed to provide non
game brood stock for my new lake restoration on one condition. That it
become an NFC documented project that they could use as a role model for
other suburban ponds. Go figure :)

second My daughters 3rd grade class is doing the adopt a tank thing.
After visiting our website and looking it over they called me and ask me
If Id be willing to help set up AAT's in all the 3-5 grades 12 classes
worth. Then next year if successfull we could make it a distcrict wide

SO I was planning on starting a regional gainesville area chapter of the
NFC and this day will speed things up. Looks like I will need help ! 

So it became apparent that the need  for regionalization is here. Small
focused regions with a local flavor. Sound like fun. Like the boy scouts
except we are all 40 years older and fatter :)I'll write a regional
protocal up this weekend. Pass it on to others for editing and input and
move on from there.

Robert Rice
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