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I can't emphasize enough the validity of what Scott says.  About a year
ago I ordered some rare fish from a  prominent breeder.  In some of the
bags he put Java Moss.  The fish came priority mail.  The bags that had
java moss looked and smelled terrible.  And even worse had a number of
dead fish. The bags without plants were all fine. I have shipped darters
to Europe and only lost one fish out of a shipment and that one had a 
reaction to the ice cube I put in the bag with him.  I never include
plants and I use only fresh aged water to which I add something like
Novaqua to bind up any ammonia the fish release.
The only other big item is to refrain from feeding the fish for at least
24 hours before shipping so their feces do not foul the water.  It is
also a really good idea to bag territorial fish like killies separately
in as little water as possible.  All pet shops put way too much water in
their bags.  For killies an inch or two is more than adequate.  You need
to cover the fish, thought with Rivulus marmoratus even that is

-> > Content-Disposition: inline > > I'm sure many of us know this, but 
-> occasionally this needs to be > repeated. > >  When you ship fish 
-> NEVER include plants in the container with > the fish.  Plants DO add 
-> oxygen to the container in the light, > HOWEVER  in the dark plants 
-> USE oxygen -- competing with the fish > for the precious commodity.  
-> Actually, plants use oxygen for > respiration all of the time, but in 
-> the light their higher rate > of photosynthesis cause them to release 
-> more O2 than they > consume.  The one exception to this (so I don't 
-> get flamed) are > succulents and cacti. > > On the same line of 
-> thought..... Include the minimum amount of > water possible and the 
-> maximum air -- as air contains many many > times more Oxygen per 
-> volume than water.  You only need enough > water to keep the critters 
-> submerged. > > R. Scott Page > Reply to pisces at owt_com > >