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NFC: Re: basic Sunfish aquarium set up and feeding questions

>Over the weekend I caught several 3" to 6" sunfish (including two beautiful
>long ear).  I put them in a 40 gallon aquarium with a couple of others.
>1)  What type of basic aquarium set up will they do best in?  Do they need
>hiding  places?  So far, just a little chasing of each other in spite of
>2)  Can I put them in a planted aquarium?
>3)  Feeding tips needed.  Do all sunfish eventually learn to
>     take flake food and cichlid pellets?

I have 3 Central Longears in a 20 High planted with Java Fern, Water
Loosestrife and Java Moss.  Filtration is a typical Outside PowerFilter.
A few caves and overhangs provide enough cover from the occasional
chasing by the largest male. The only Flake food mine will eat is FD Ocean
Plankton (Krill). I feed them Imitation Crabmeat also. And the occasional
cricket or other bug that finds its way into the fishroom !!!  hehehe
Hope this helps....
Charles Anderton
   Ft. Worth, Texas
"Learn all you can from other people's mistakes....
   You CAN"T live long enough to learn them all yourself.."