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NFC: Re: Fish Prints Killies, Bass etc by Joe Tommelerri


Thanks for the name of the sturgeon and gar guy.  Nothing has come of it
yet, but maybe later.
I ordered a 100 blackbandeds from the Check Republick.  We will see how they

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Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 11:12 AM
Subject: NFC: Fish Prints Killies, Bass etc by Joe Tommelerri

>Just a note to let people know that the NFC websites Joe T store has just
>added a bunch of new sunfish and bass to the avalaible fish prints. and
>will be adding NA killies tonight so check em out the are outstanding and
>suitable for the home or office. all by the world famous Joe T.
>Robert Rice
>It's official all Native Fish are now Y2K compliant check it out at
> http://www.nativefish.org