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Re: NFC: mysid (shrimp)

go to the following url:

 the information you are looking for is in appendix a part a.  Note it is in
pdf format and you will need acrobat reader to view and read the document.
Acrobat reader is available for free all over cyberspace.... a simple search
will point you to a place where you can download it.   It is worth your while
to download all the pdf files from this site as there area also sections on the
husbandry of various fish like fathead minnows and sheepshead minnows.

If this link doesn't work then try this one  http://search.epa.gov/s97is.vts,
you may have to type in the title as in chucks message but fix the typo ....
its Receiving

The publication is very informative and the methods of mysis husbandry is
pretty comprehensive....and best of all its free.


> Does anyone know where to find this publication?