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NFC: Re: Fish List

How many Lucania goodei do you need?  Please check our site

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Date: Sunday, August 29, 1999 12:32 AM
Subject: NFC: Fish List

>If you want your ad to be added or deleted to/from the wish list drop
>me a note at lepomis at email_msn.com to  or Join the Fish Wish List at
>FWL at actwin_com by sending a note to Majordoma at actwin_com with the
>following message in the body subscribe FWL. This list is provided as
>service  to interested parties and email lists. I accept NO
>responsibility  for any bad trades or illegal actions resulting from
>contacts made on this list. Deadbeat traders will be kicked off the list.
>All parties are expected to act in good faith and follow all applicable
>laws. (I just type the list folks ) All ads subject to rejection solely
>at my discretion. This list is  affiliated with The NFC breeders Program
>and may be reposted in it's entirety without permission. If you want to
>look at these fish or the Breeders program go to the NFC website at
>www.nativefish.org and check out their HUGE photo gallery.
>THE NFC Breeders Club has LOTS of neat native fish available for free to
>people willing to share their breeding success with the NFC. Check them
>out on the NFC website at www.nativefish.org or contact Bill Duzen
>breeding guy at theduuz at aol_com
>Hanford High School Biology class attn: Scott Page
>email HanfordSci at aol_com
>website- http://www.rsd.edu/schools/hanfordhigh/aquatic/nfc.html :
>Has Fundulus linelatus , Wild caught ERP Cichlids , Heterandria Formosa,
>Fundulus Chrysotus, bluefin killie, bluespotted sunfish, orangethroat
>darters and tons of other unique native fishes for sale/ trade. If you
>are a school teacher ask me how to turn your class room into a
>conservation tool that is financially self supporting. People in
>Washington State check out what we are doing locally .
>Robert Rice-Email  Lepomis at email_msn.com -352-337-9676 Has : Blue spotted
>sunfish, bluefin killies, F. Linneolatus, Heterandria Formosa, ellasoma
>okeefenokee ,orangespot sunnies, Fundulus Chrysotus and cingulatus and
>many other southeastern fishes for sale or trade. Ask me about
>John Brill- 61 Brookside Ave. Livingstone, NJ  07039
>Phone # (973) 533-1397
>HAS FOR TRADE: Enneacanthus chaetodon , E.gloriosus , E.
>obesus, Umbra pygmaea , Aphredoderus sayanus (Pirate Perch
>very rare in NJ) , Etheostoma fusiforme , Fundulus heteroclitus ,
>Cyprinidon variegatus ovinus , Lucania parva, Syngnathus fuscus, Mendina
>beryllina and many other Atlantic
>coastal plain and estuarine species. WANTS: Lota lota , Archoplites
>interrupts, Hiodon spp. ,  Aplodinotus cycleptus, Ictiobus and other
>sucker species, or anything else I haven't had before. Write or call
>first; all correspondence  answered. Some recent bad experiences with
>deadbeat traders.  Only   interested in hearing from people who are
>serious about trading and willing to reciprocate.
>Tim Wolfe -2911 Belle Aire Blvd. Theodore, AL 36582
>Phone #: (334) 973-2524.
>HAS FOR TRADE: Flagfin shiners, sailfin shiners, Elassoma
>species, many others. ALSO HAS: tropicals including angels,
>guppies , Corydoras  catfish for trade. WANTS : Various  darters and
>Carolina shiners for breeding program.
>Ray Katula - Missifishppi Aquatics, Box 58, Genoa, WI  54632. (608)
>689-2726 email: missfish_aqua at hotmail_com
>Has for sale/trade: 3 bucks a piece plus shipping.Species List:  Flame
>chubs, Variegated darters, Phalen Lake Rainbow darters,  Squamosum
>Orangethroat darters,Red shinersHighline Carpsuckers, Spotted Suckers
>,Flame Chubs,
>Southern Redbelly Dace Redside Dace.
>Rebecca Allbritton - 2712-C Evergreen Cir., Bryan, TX 77801
>email: sekhmet at 4thcoast_com
>WANT TO BUY: American-Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae)
>Bruce Scott 520 E. Lake Hazel Rd., Meridian, ID  83642  Email:
>br0630 at aol_com
>HAS FOR SALE OR TRADE: H. Formosa, [tadpole madtoms (N. gyrinus), some
>less than 1" long], and dwarf crayfish (C. shufeldtii); can get small
>pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, white crappie at certain times of the
>WANTS: margined matoms (N. insignis), orangefin madtoms (gilberti), least
>madtoms (N. hildebrandi), Neosho midget crayfish (O. macrus), any pygmy
>sunfish (Elassoma)and any or all kinds of crayfish.  Please write or
>e-mail me on shipping crayfish as I have a pretty surefire way of doing
>it with minimal losses.
>Ron Romigh 604 Allen Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061-1606. Phone #: (412)
>775-6112. Email: rromigh at ccia_com.
>WANTS TO BUY: Lucania goodei, F. Zebrinus ,colorful breedable darters, E.
>evergladi, E. okeefenokee, E.boelkei , E. okatie, E.spring ,  Ennecanthus
>obesus, E.chaetodon , Lepomis marginatus,  L. humilus and L. symmetricus.
>Andrew Borgia, P.O Box 4346, Key West, FL 33041 Phone # (305) 294-8739.
> Email noturus2 at aol_com
>HAS FOR TRADE:  A great variety of marine specimens and
>inverts for trade, also has some Key West herps for trade.  WANTS:
>Interested in a great variety of North American species for a private
>preserved collection.
>DWIGHT D. MOODY P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier, VT  05651
>Phone #: home - (802)476-0685; work (802)241-3482. Email
>address:dwightmoody at hotmail_com HAS: Hetandria Formosa for sale or trade.
>ALSO HAS OR CAN GET: a wide variety of Vermont species between mid-April
>and the end of November, including Fundulus diaphanous,  northern
>dace , slimy sculpins ,trout-perch, burbot, various minnows, catfish,
>shiners, etc.
>John Laurent, P.O. Box 1018, Bartow, FL 33831
>Email: jfranklaurent at msn_com WANTS: I am interested in buying and
>information on the Following species: Blue nose shiners, red shiners,
>pygmy Sunfish, flagfin & sailfin shiners, blue spotted sunfish, Orange
>spotted sunfish, and rainbow darters. HAS: For Commercial sale Shovelnose
>sturgeon , Florida gar others
>Darryl Roche 425 NE Ave Ft Lauderdale Florida 33301 , email
>phylesis at aol_com has for sale bluefin Killies , Bluespot Sunfish,
>Heterandria Formosa, Pygmy Sunfish,  Florida Flagfish ,  Fundulus
>Chrysotus, PIKE LIVEBEAREARES  (Belonesox belizanus), WILD CAUGHT
>Cichlids , and many other south Florida species for sale. Check with me
>on prices and availability. My availability changes from week to week and
>I often run GREAT blowout  specials. I take personal checks and
>specialize in Aquarium club auctions and Public Aquarium Displays.
>Many Plants avaliable to interested parties 50$ for a box of
>125 plants of my choice based on availability.. On vacation in Florida ?
>Hire me to take you Cichlid/native fish collecting at very reasonable
>Rates . I follow all state and federal regulations. Drop me a note all
>Ray Suydam - email : raysuy at webtv_net ,  Long Island NY
>Wants :Colorful Daces- Minnows-Plants. Has for trade asst. exotic
>killifish custom spawning mops- shipping boxes.  Serious replies only.
>Dan McMonigle, 3896 Boston Rd., Brunswick, OH 44212-1262, ph#440-238-8336
>email Mcdaphnia at aol_com : Sell or Trade: Live Daphnia, Cypris, or Cyclops
>  $5/portion   Spotted Gambusia holbrooki -- southern Florida strain with
>nearly all  spotted males,  some spotted  females   $15/pair Can get
>sticklebacks, darters for trades Want small species of sunfish
>Bruce Bernard: Email : bruce_bernard at yahoo_com WANTED: Olympic
>Mudminnows. Buy or trade for killies, native or exotic.
>M. W. Myers, D.V.M. - M & M Aquatics   ccmyers1 at erols_com WANTS TO BUY :
>40 to 50 Texas Cichlid ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches in length and
>sexable. Need 20 males and females between 4 and 6 inches and 20 above 6
>inches. Let me know prices and availability. This is for a behavioral
>research project. I also sell unusual tropical killies ask me about
>Josh Wiegert Email: Joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu, Paul Smiths College Box
>1294, Paul Smiths, NY 12970 (Sept-Mid Dec, Jan-May. e-mail for address
>outside of this): Wants : ANY Darters, esp. Riffle and Twig Spawners.
>Willing to trade for anything else.  Has (or can get): Wide variety of
>plants.  Some small perch.  E. olmstedi, E. nigrum, some tropicals, esp.
>Cichlid. Currently living in the middle of nowhere, far from any pet
>shops. Interested in talking to people willing to trade tropicals, as
>Jeremy Carroll- email: eagle at on-net_net: Wants to buy: flathead catfish
>fry, channel catfish fry, blue catfish fry, ANY MADTOMS ! I love catfish,
>looking to share with others with similar interests. Also any info people
>have on the Iridescent Shark (pangasius suchi).
>GARY ROLLWAGE - grollwag at oilstates_com WANTED:JUVENILE  OZARK BASS,
>Ron Brooks email- orchid at kellnet_com , Want to buy : Java Moss , Notropis
>Chrosomus - Rainbow Shiner, Elassoma Boehlke   - Carolina Pygmy Sunfish
>Etheostoma Acuticeps - Sharphead Darter, Etheostoma Caeruleum - Rainbow
>Chris AKA - Skiwee10 at aol_com writes: I have/can get the following native
>species and they are sold at reasonable prices. Bluegill ,Juvenile
>Largemouth Bass- 1 -2 inch range specimens seasonally  available, 6
>inches or more available year round .Yellow bullheads/ Black bullheads
>Channel Catfish above 8 inches , Green Sunfish, Softshell turtle juvenile
>specimens ,Green turtle juvenile specimens ,Crawdads year round and very
>cheap! Green frogs/bullfrogs year round contact me if you have any
>specific species you are wanting to buy by  emailing me  at
>Skiwee10 at aol_com, chances are I may be able to get it for you.
>Wanted- Channel, White, Bullhead(any species), Flathead, or Blue catfish
>juveniles in the 1 to 3 inch range, if you can get any or all of these
>email  me for trade or buying info. Chris
>Please add my request for Lepomis megalotis to the list you mentioned in
>your reply. I really appreciate your help.
>Imraan Seedat
>e-mail: iseedat at bigfoot_com