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Re: NFC: (Fwd) Re: NANFA-- anchor worms?

I have been reading this thread for sometime now and would like
somethings clarified.  Formalin and formaldehyde are used
interchangeably which makes things really confusing.   Commercial
formaldehyde regardless of grade is only 37% formaldehyde to begin with.
 The rest is water.  Formalin, the popular pickling solution of days
long past, is formaldehyde mixed 10 to 1 with water so it is only 3.7%
formaldehyde, now how do you calculate 250 ppm or mg/l from that?  which

Also, formaldehyde is a controlled chemical because it is a potent
carcinogen...do you really want to use it? I would much rather use
Pro-gram which only requires a single dose and poses no personal health

-> 250 MG/L = 250 PPM.