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Re: NFC: Re: Breeder's Program Want List

Norman Edelen wrote:

> Actually, I have been working on a current tank and a method of angling that
> doesn't hook the sculpin.  I do intend on attempting to breed prickly
> sculpin next year.  They occur in the creek in my backyard.  When spring
> comes I will give it a try.  Sculpin are really interesting rather cute
> fish.

Norm I've never seen a sculpin but I used to have a cousin, the oyster
toadfish (Opsanus tao) in a marine tank when I lived up north.  That
fish was one of the coolest though he didn't do much other than eat.

It seems to be hard to find much information about keeping sculpins. 
Any chance we can twist your arm into writing a bit about your
experiences in keeping them?


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work." --Edison

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