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Re: NFC: Re: Breeder's Program Want List

> All of the fish I'm currently trying to breed are all non-natives.  I'm
> working with the Congo Reed Fish -- though, I'm still trying to obtain a
> female... making it very hard to breed them. :)

Polypterus?  Which species?

 -- the African Butterfly
> Fish, which is an emmense challenge.  They will NOT eat any prepared food.
>  They will only eat foods at the surface whcih are moving, such as
> crickets, moths, etc.  Furthermore, like a marine flying fish, they also
> like to take food above the water, and will jump out of tanks if spooked. 
> They're an absolute challenge to breed.

Hmm, I've never had any problem getting these guys to take 
prepared foods.  They seem to particularly like FD plankton.



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