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NFC: Re: Breeder's Program Want List

Hello All,

Where are the underrated misbegotten undesirable yet ecologically important
ugly fishes?


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Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 10:35 AM
Subject: NFC: Breeder's Program Want List

After taking a survey of the wants of the breeders in the Breeder's Program,
it has been found that the following fish are needed ;
Pteronotropis signipinnis       Flagfin Shiner
P.                   hypselopterus   Sailfin Shiner
P.                   welaka             Bluenose Shiner
P.                   hubbsi              Bluehead Shiner

Any of the Elassoma  species of  Sunfish
Any of the Enneacanthus species of  Sunfish
Lepomis marginatus              Dollar Sunfish
Lepomis humilis                   OrangeSpotted Sunfish

Heterandria formosa              Least Killiefish

Fundulus lineolatus                Lined Topminnow
Fundulus chrysotus                Golden Topminnow
       Melanistic form also needed/wanted
Fundulus cingulatus               Banded Topminnow
F.            bifax                       Stippled Studfish
F.            julisia                     Barrens Topminnow

Lucania   goodei                    Bluefin Killiefish
Leptolucania ommata             Pygmy  Killiefish

Gambusia holbrooki         Melanistic and albino forms

Phoxinus oreas                  Mountain Redbelly Dace
P.            erythrogaster      Southern  Redbelly Dace
Clinostomus funduloides    Rosyside Dace

Also, one of our breeders is interested in just about all of the
Pupfish and Springfish species....
If you have or can get some of these fascinating species, please
let us know....
We need everyone's support !!!!        Thank you,

Breeder's Program

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