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Re: NFC: Re: Fundulus chrysotus eggs

"R. Scott Page" wrote:
> I have also noted that the adult Fundulus chrysotus seem fond of hair algae.
> I have an abundance of it from my pond, and I place a tuft in their tank
> every couple of days.

I'm always amused at the dichotomy with regard to algae. I'm on
planted-aquarium lists where the worst of all possible horrors is algae
ruining an aquatic garden scene. Incredible chemical angels are danced upon
the heads of pins to avoid it.

OTOH, those of us into fish husbandry do the unthinkable -- we seek out and
add algae to our tanks! I just squirted "green water" (*Euglena*) into at
least a half-dozen fish-rearing containers, today. I covet lush hair algae,
for my pupfish and springfish go crazy for it.

I'm of the opinion that algae, *Euglena* and infusoria are a huge asset for
raising babies, even those capable of taking bbs right from the start. The
ability to grow all of them is an asset to a breeding situation, IMHO.

I'm with you, Scott. Go for it!


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