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Re: NFC: RE: Fw: Animal Rights

In a message dated 8/22/99 7:48:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mcclurgl at washburn_edu writes:

<< My apologies to the rest of the list and the administrator for this.  Now,
 anyone else want to call anyone from Kansas names?  I'll be happy to meet
 you anywhere anyplace to discuss it "up close and personal like".
What's next Luke, hunt the guy down and bomb him or use a rifle and shoot 
him? Somehow I don't see Jesus wanting to fight someone because they 
disagree. That is the main reason I distrust so called "fundamentalists" They 
espouse peace and love but only if you agree with them, disagree and any 
level of amoral conduct is allowed because it's Gods will. You disappoint me 
Luke, I was beginning to think I had been to hard on you but as they say, a 
persons true colors will show eventually. Violence is wrong Luke, I suggest 
you read some of that bible you thump on so much.