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NFC: Re: Alligators found in Local River

Unless the alligators can find some warm effluents  or other warm spots,
they won't live.  If the are more
than 4' long they are several years old.

Gators are a threatened species and cannot be sold for pets.  Caymans can be
sold.  They are very difficult to tell apat.

John Laurent

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Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999 11:12 PM
Subject: NFC: Alligators found in Local River

>In downtown Indianapolis they found some alligators in white river. They
>were about 4 ft long. They believe there might be more. Also to make
>worse I saw baby gators in Uncle Bills in Castleton on 82nd street for sale
>for 119 bucks. I would buy all 5 and put them in the everglades.:-) Wouldnt
>the gators found in the river die in the winter?