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Re: NFC: RE: Fw: Animal Rights

mcclurg luke e wrote:

> If you are going to start name calling...you can darn well get ready for a
> fight!  I am from and live in Kansas ans support the Board's decision
> 110%!  

Guys lets not get ugly here.  Try to keep the peace.

I just unsubbed from NANFA mailing list due to the pure volume of
unmoderated *crap* floating on that mailing list.  Let's keep this list
up to higher standards please.

> Most people don't even understand that they did NOT ban the
> teaching of evolution, but simply removed it from state standardized
> testing.  Evolution is and will continue to be taught in Kansas (due to
> outside dumba@s's like yourself who won't let a state handle it
> OWN matters, or seek it's own definition of science!)

While what you have to say is the correct version of what is going on,
the namecalling and bitterness really has got to stop pronto.

> My apologies to the rest of the list and the administrator for this.  Now,
> anyone else want to call anyone from Kansas names?  I'll be happy to meet
> you anywhere anyplace to discuss it "up close and personal like".

If you want to do that, fine, but please take it to private email.