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Re: NFC: RE: Fw: Animal Rights

> If people who ought to know better can't get their science straight, what
> chance do they have for communicating their ideas to the general population?
> In light of the recent decision by the troglodytes on the Kansas Board of
> Education, this is an important concern.

If you are going to start name calling...you can darn well get ready for a
fight!  I am from and live in Kansas ans support the Board's decision
110%!  Most people don't even understand that they did NOT ban the
teaching of evolution, but simply removed it from state standardized
testing.  Evolution is and will continue to be taught in Kansas (due to
outside dumba@s's like yourself who won't let a state handle it
OWN matters, or seek it's own definition of science!) 

If you are going to teach evolution as truth and fact...then you are
wrong!  Nothing in science is either truth or fact...my own professors at
college have had to begrudgingly admit to that.  Let those of us in Kansas
decide for ourselves and you can go stick your head in a toilet for all I
care and take a big long drink.  And while you're at it...before you start
pointing fingers and snickering at us "poor dumb hicks" or as you put it
"troglodytes"...check up on your own states record on such issues as
conservation, 'proper science, and hundreds of other issues and see if
they always did the PC thing or did what the people wanted them to do!

My apologies to the rest of the list and the administrator for this.  Now,
anyone else want to call anyone from Kansas names?  I'll be happy to meet
you anywhere anyplace to discuss it "up close and personal like".

Luke McClurg
(proud of my state AND it's Board of Education)

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