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NFC: Re: Game Fish

In Florida it is legal to buy or keep any number of gamefish as long as they
are aquacultured fish.  If they
are wild caught, you must still abide by possesion limits.

John Laurent
Jurassic Fish
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From: Joshua L. Wiegert <joshuaw at PAUL_paulsmiths.edu>
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Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 11:44 PM
Subject: NFC: Game Fish

>Ok, we wore this topic down, didn't we? :)
>Keeping Game Fish, and frankly any native fish is a rather misunderstood
topic.  Regulations vary from state to state.  For instance, in Texas, its a
capital offense to mix native Texan Fish with any occuring in the state of
Alabama.  No one's sure why.  Seriously, though, not even the game people
understand a lot of it....  I've taken bluegill or sunfish and had DEC
people ask me what I'm going to do with those panfish... When I tell them
they're for a tank, I've had one guy ask me, "Is that legal?"  and another
say, "Oh... allright... just cook them when you're done, okay?"  (The latter
was joking, knowing it was legal...  the former, though.... he must've
gotten the easy final exam at DEC school. :)
>You think thats fun....  try using a seine at a patroled area sometime. :)
Its like a gigantic bug zapper attracting ... texans. :)